Editor’s note:
   This chapter, previously a codification of Ord. 4042, passed May 18, 1964, Ord. 4323, passed February 21, 1966, and Ord. O76-131, passed June 15, 1976, and titled “Dangerous Buildings,” was re-titled “Property Maintenance” upon the adoption of Ord. O99-118, passed October 19, 1999 (Chapter 1486 of these Codified Ordinances).  Subsequently, on the adoption of Ord. O2012-21, passed June 19, 2012, Chapter 1486 was repealed, and this chapter was amended to adopt the International Property Maintenance Code.
1436.01   International Property Maintenance Code adopted.
1436.02   Declaration of nuisance.
1436.03   Appeals.
1436.04   Repair of buildings or structures.
1436.05   Extensions of time.
1436.06   Remedial action.
1436.07   Inspections by Health Commissioner.
1436.08   Access to dwellings.
1436.09   Report of defect to Chief Building Official.
1436.10   Health violations.
1436.99   Penalty.