Alcohol Related Offenses
   130.01   Possession, consumption by minors prohibited
   130.02   (Reserved)
   130.03   Consumption on streets, parking lots
   130.04   Consumption on beach, parks
Offenses Against Property
   130.15   Private real property
   130.16   Private personal property
   130.17   Town property; damage to and trespass upon
   130.18   Town personal property
   130.19   Throwing glass, etc., on public property
Offenses Against Public Peace and Safety
   130.30   Loitering
   130.31   Attempting violation or avoiding compliance
   130.32   Disorderly conduct
   130.33   Mischief, disorderly conduct in public
   130.34   False alarms and reports
   130.35   Interfering with town officers, employees
   130.36   Impersonating town officers, employees
   130.37   Curfew for minors
   130.38   Purchase, sale or delivery of tobacco products to persons under eighteen
   130.39   Regulating the operation of cigarette and tobacco vending machines
   130.40   Smoking prohibited on public beaches, recreational areas, campgrounds, parks, and outside municipal buildings
Offenses Related to Traffic
   130.50   Obstructing pedestrian or vehicular traffic
   130.51   Play vehicles restricted
   130.52   Sledding and coasting on Green End Avenue
   130.65   Restrictions on air guns, other knives, toys
   130.66   Restrictions on other guns
   130.67   Discharge of firearms prohibited while hunting on Sunday
   130.68   Discharge of firearms prohibited in beach areas
   130.75   Purpose
   130.76   Definitions
   130.77   Measurement of sound
   130.78   Exceptions
   130.79   Noise disturbances prohibited
   130.80   Maximum permissable sound levels by receiving land use
   130.81   Emergency signaling devices
   130.82   Specific activities prohibited
   130.83   Musical instruments and similar devices
   130.84   Regulation of sound equipment and sound amplifying equipment
   130.85   Motorized vehicles
   130.86   Construction
   130.87   Stationary Non-emergency signaling devices
   130.88   Animals and birds
   130.89   Implementation, administration and enforcement
   130.90   Departmental actions
   130.91   Permits and sound variances
   130.99   Penalty