No person shall recklessly cause inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm to another by doing any of the following:
   (A)   Engaging in fighting, threatening harm  to persons or property or in violent or turbulent behavior;
   (B)   Making any unreasonable noise or offensively coarse utterance, gesture, or display, or communicating unwarranted and grossly abusive language to any person;
   (C)   Insulting, taunting, or challenging another under circumstances in which the conduct is likely to provoke a violent response;
   (D)   Hindering or preventing the movement of persons on a public street, road, highway, or right-of-way, or to, from, within, or upon public or private property, so as to interfere with the rights of others and by any act which serves no lawful and reasonable purpose of the offender;
   (E)   Creating a condition which is physically offensive to person or which presents a risk of physical harm to persons or property, by any other act which serves no lawful and reasonable purpose of the offender;
   (F)   Exposes his or her genitals to the view of others under circumstances in which his or her conduct is likely to cause affront, distress or alarm to other persons;
   (G)   Enters upon the property of another and for a lascivious purpose looks into an occupied dwelling on the property through a window or other opening;
   (H)   Engages in conduct which obstructs or interferes physically with a lawful meeting, procession or gathering.  In no event shall this section be construed to prevent lawful picketing or lawful demonstrations including but not limited to labor disputes.
   (I)   Expectorate, urinate, or defecate on any public property, public street, alley or sidewalk or the floor of any public place or public building or any place or building where the public has a right to gather or to which it has access.
(Ord. passed 10-26-98; Am. Ord. passed 8-21-00)  Penalty, see § 130.99