Chap. 701. Admissions Tax.
      Chap. 703. Transient Guest Tax.
      Chap. 705. Manufacture, Sale or Possession of Beer, Wine and Spiritous Liquors. (Repealed)
      Chap. 709. Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers.
      Chap. 713. Taxicabs.
      Chap. 717. Tourist Cabins.
      Chap. 721. Christmas Tree Sales.
      Chap. 725. Automobile Sales Business.
      Chap. 731. Gasoline Service Stations.
      Chap. 733. Motion Pictures and Films.
      Chap. 735. Garage and Yard Sales.
      Chap. 737. Coin-Operated Machines. (Repealed)
      Chap. 739. Private Security Police Officers. (Repealed)
      Chap. 741. Transportation of Radioactive Materials.
      Chap. 743. Licensing Contractors.
      Chap. 745. Tree Removal Services.
      Chap. 747. Mechanical and Electronic Amusement Devices and Game Rooms. (Repealed)
      Chap. 749. Oil and Gas Wells.
      Chap. 751. Cable Television System Customer Service Standards.
      Chap. 753. Cable Television Regulations.