TITLE ONE -Municipal Planning
      Chap. 1101. Planning Commission.
   TITLE THREE -Platting and Subdivisions
      Chap. 1111. Platting Regulations.
   TITLE FIVE -Zoning Code
      EDITOR'S NOTE: Former Sections 1121. 01 through 1161. 07 (the Zoning Code of the Municipality) were repealed and another Zoning Code was enacted by Ordinance 1971-46, passed February 22, 1972. This Zoning Code was in turn repealed and a new Zoning Code for the City was enacted by Ordinance 1982-170, passed March 22, 1983. This new Zoning Code is separately published and copies are available, at cost, at the City Hall. Zoning Map changes antedating Ordinance 1982-170 are contained in Table I of the Tables of Special Ordinances in the Preliminary Unit of these Codified Ordinances. Map changes post-dating Ordinance 1982-170 are contained in Appendix A of the separately published Zoning Code.