(a)   All taxes imposed by this chapter shall be collectible, together with any interest and penalties thereon, by suit as other debts of like amount are recoverable. No additional assessment shall be made after three years from the time the tax was due or the return was filed, whichever is later; provided however, there shall be no period of limitation on an additional assessment in a case of a return that omits gross income in excess of 25% of that required to be reported or in the case of filing a false or fraudulent return with intent to evade the tax, or in the case of failure to file a return. In those cases in which the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and the taxpayer have executed a waiver of the Federal statute of limitations the period within which an additional assessment may be made by the Finance Director/delegate shall be extended one year from the time of the final determination of the Federal tax liability.
   (b)   Taxes erroneously paid shall not be refunded unless a claim for refund is made within three years from the date on which such payment was made or the return was due, or within three months after final determination of the federal tax liability, whichever is later; with the exception of tax withheld/paid on a non-qualified plan which becomes uncollectible (no statute).
   (c)   Interest shall be allowed and paid on any overpayment by a taxpayer of any municipal income tax obligation from the date of the overpayment, with the following exception: No interest shall be allowed on any overpayment that is refunded within 90 days after the final filing date of the annual return or 90 days after the complete return is filed, whichever is later. For purposes of computing the payment of interest on overpayments, no amount of tax for any taxable year shall be treated as having been paid before the date on which the tax return for that year was due without regard to any extension of time for filing that return. The interest shall be paid at the rate of interest set forth in Section 880.11.
   (d)   All taxes imposed by this chapter shall be collectible by civil suit together with any interest and penalties, and attorneys' reasonable fees incurred by the City with regard to that litigation; any legal services rendered leading up to litigation and any legal services rendered in connection with collection efforts whether or not litigation results.
(Ord. 5480. Passed 11-21-00; Ord. 5744. Passed 11-18-03; Ord. 6014. Passed 9-18-07; Ord. 6176. Passed 2-16-10.)