In addition to the requirements of the Residential One, Two and Three Family Dwelling Code, the following standards and provisions shall apply:
   (a)   Any habitable room having more than one entry, and where any entries are greater than half the diagonal distance apart within the house, shall have multiple switching, one for each entry. This provision shall also apply to stairways.
   (b)   At least one receptacle outlet shall be provided in each hallway with less than 20 lineal feet of wall area with one additional outlet for each additional twenty (20) lineal feet of wall area.
   (c)   All attached garages shall have one (1) ceiling receptacle for overhead door opener.
   (d)   Non-metallic sheathed cable shall be prohibited in Types I and II construction, and Assembly Occupancies per Article 518, and in suspended ceilings of all Types of Construction in other than single and multi-family occupancies, in accordance with the provisions of the National Electrical Code as adopted by the Ohio Board of Building Standards.
      (Ord. No. 81-O-111, 9/1/81 Amended, Ord. No. 83-O-62, 6/7/83 Amended, Ord. No. 87-O-17, 3/3/87 (Ord. 06-0-75. Passed 7-5-06.)