There is hereby adopted by the Council of the City of Mentor, Ohio for the purpose of establishing rules and regulations for the providing of uniform minimum standards for the protection of life, limb, health, property, environment and for the safety and welfare of the general public and the owners and occupants of residential buildings that certain code known as the Residential Code of Ohio for One, Two and Three- Family Dwellings (hereinafter referred to as "The Code"), 2006 Edition, and subsequently published editions as adopted and amended by the Ohio Board of Building Standards in accordance with Chapter 3781 of the Ohio Revised Code, the whole thereof, save and except such portions as are otherwise hereinafter amended or modified, is hereby adopted and incorporated as fully as if set out at length herein, except provisions in the optional adoptable appendices shall not apply unless further amended herein. Said subsequent Editions and Amendments thereto shall take effect upon the effective dates as published by the Ohio Board of Building Standards, and the provisions thereof shall be controlling in the construction, fabrication, erection, enlargement, movement, equipment, alteration, repair, location and use of detached one, two and three family dwellings, their appurtenances and accessory structures contained within the corporate limits of the City of Mentor, Ohio. References in these chapters to “this code”, to the “residential code”, or to the “Residential Code of Ohio”, or to the “RCO”, or to the “Dwelling Code” or in other sections of the code shall mean the “Residential Code of Ohio” .
(Amended, Ord. 90-0-04, 1/16/90) (Amended, Ord. 03-0-04, 1/21/03)
(Ord. 06-0-75. Passed 7-5-06.)