A.   Administration: The police department shall create and administer a community service work program. The purposes of such program will be to serve as a penal sanction for persons violating the ordinances of the city and to provide a valuable service to the community.
   B.   Participation In Work Program:
      1.   Participants of this program will be persons ordered to perform community service work by the municipal court for the city.
      2.   Participation in the program will be according to a schedule consistent with the employment and family responsibilities of the person.
      3.   All work to be performed will be for the express and sole benefit of the public in general, and will not be for the benefit of any private individuals.
   C.   Completion Of Program; Report: Upon a person's successful completion of the work program, the police department will report to the court clerk that the person has completed the program. The report shall contain the total number of hours the person participated in the work program.
   D.   Expulsion From Program: At any time, with just cause, the police department may expel a participant from the program. When a participant is so expelled, the police department shall give prompt notice to the court clerk indicating the reason for the expulsion. (1987 Code § 13-304)