The C-3 Uptown Commercial District is designed to accommodate a variety of retail stores, office structures, service establishments and related activities to satisfy the convenience and service needs of the City residents and consumers beyond the corporate limits.  The C-3 Uptown Commercial District contains structures of architectural and historical interest, which are of irreplaceable value to the City.  As the name infers, the C-3 Uptown Commercial District is unique and represents the original core of the commercial district of the City.  This district is intended to preserve and protect the unique character of the area by establishing certain standards and review procedures that will ensure harmonious development.
   (a)   Permitted Uses.  Within the C-3 Uptown Commercial District, a structure or premises shall be erected or used only for the following purposes:
      (1)       Bars and taverns.
      (2)       Bed and breakfasts.
      (3)       Clubs and lodges for private use.
      (4)       Dwellings above the first floor.
      (5)     Financial Institutions such as banks, savings and loans and credit unions, without drive in or drive-through facilities.   
      (6)       Hotels and inns.
      (7)     Manufacturing and processing incidental to a retail business conducted on the premises, provided such activities do not occupy greater than fifty (50) percent of the total floor area and conform to the performance standards outlined in paragraph (g) hereof.
      (8)       Massage studios.
      (9)       Messenger and telegraph service stations.
      (10)    Museums and community centers.
      (11)    Offices for governmental purposes, including police and fire stations.
      (12)    Offices for professional services, trades or businesses.
      (13)     Publicly owned and operated parks, playgrounds and community centers; provided that no commercial enterprise or amusement park is conducted on the premises, except permitted temporary uses.
      (14)     Printing, binding, typesetting and publishing houses.
      (15)    Public libraries.
      (16)    Public or private parking lots and ramps.
      (17)   Public structures not otherwise defined and regulated by this code or parking areas erected, leased or used by any department of a municipal, county, state or federal government.  However, no outdoor storage of equipment or materials is permitted.   
      (18)    Indoor commercial recreational facilities.
      (19)     Restaurants and coffee shops with sit-down service without drive-in or drive-through facilities or delivery services in excess of one delivery vehicle.
      (20)     Small scale: retail centers, sales establishments, and service establishments.
      (21)    Retail stores and outlets similar in character to uses listed herein.   
      (22)     Water, storm and sewage pumping stations.
      (23)     Schools; primary, intermediate and secondary; both public and private.
      (24)   Veterinary clinics, but no outdoor pens or runways and no boarding of animals.
      (25)    Accessory structures and uses.
   (b)       Conditional Uses.    Refer to Chapter 1134 (Conditional Use Regulations) for the process of obtaining a conditional use permit.  The following conditional uses may be approved, provided they meet the general standards found in Section 1134.03 (General Standards for Conditional Uses) and any listed specific conditions in Section 1134.08 (Supplemental Requirements for Specified Conditional Uses):
      (1)       Bus shelters.
      (2)       Place of religious worship.
      (3)       Dwelling:  Single-family dwellings.
      (4)       Dwelling:  Two-family dwellings.
      (5)       Dwelling:  Multiple family dwellings.
      (6)       Electric and telephone substation towers.
      (7)       Gas regulator and meter stations.
      (8)       Nightclub.
      (9)       Parking Areas:  Extension of parking into contiguous zoning district parking areas.
      (10)     Parking Areas:  Joint use of an off-street parking area.
      (11)    Public utility control facilities or structures.
      (12)    Educational institutions.
      (13)    Theaters, cinemas, and similar places of amusement.
      (14)    Towers and transmitting equipment for radio and television substations.
      (15)    Vending machines in an outdoor location.
      (16)    Automobile Service Stations - fuel and convenience.
   (c)   Lot Size and Yard Area Requirements.  Minimum lot size and yard area requirements as set forth in Section 1125.14 shall apply to all structures hereafter erected, relocated, reconstructed or structurally altered within the C-3 Uptown Commercial District.
   (d)   Minimum and Maximum Floor Area Requirements and Bulk Regulations.  Minimum floor area requirements and bulk regulations as set forth in Section 1125.14 shall apply to all structures hereafter erected, relocated, reconstructed or structurally altered within the C-3 Uptown Commercial District.
   (e)   Off-Street Parking, Loading and Storage Regulations.  Off-street parking, loading and storage regulations as set forth in Chapter 1141 shall apply to all uses established within the C-3 Uptown Commercial District.
   (f)   Signs Permitted.  Signs shall be permitted in the C-3 Uptown Commercial District in accordance with Chapter 1143.
   (g)   Performance Standards.  Performance standards established in Section 1125.07 shall apply to uses established within this district.  (Ord. 088-2019.  Passed 5-6-19.)