The R-2A Single- and Two-Family Residential District is intended to apply only to existing platted lots in older areas of Maumee that typically have alleys and longer narrow lots.  The R-2A zoning district is designed to accommodate single-family dwellings on lots with areas of 5,400 square feet or greater, and two-family dwellings as a conditional use on lots of 3,000 square feet per unit. Certain public/semi-public uses intended to serve single-family residential development are permitted.
   (a)   Permitted Uses.  Within the R-2A Residential District, a structure or premises shall be erected or used only for the following purposes:
      (1)   Child day care home, Type B.
      (2)   Dwellings:  Single-family dwellings.   
      (3)   Group adult care facility for three (3) to five (5) unrelated adults pursuant to ORC Chapter 3722.
      (4)   Group Foster Home pursuant to ORC Chapter 5103.
      (5)   Group MR/DD residential facility for one (1) to eight (8) persons pursuant to ORC Chapter 5123.
      (6)   Home occupation (refer to Chapter 1131).
      (7)   Publicly owned and operated parks, playgrounds and community centers; provided that no commercial enterprise or amusement park is conducted on the premises, except permitted temporary uses.
        (8)     Public structures not otherwise defined and regulated by this code or parking areas erected, leased or used by any department of a municipal, county, state or federal government.  However, no outdoor storage of equipment or materials is permitted. 
      (9)   Public libraries.
      (10)   Water, storm and sewage pumping stations.   
      (11)   Schools ; primary, intermediate and secondary; both public and private.   
      (12)   Accessory structures and uses.
   (b)   Conditional Uses.  Refer to Chapter 1134 (Conditional Use Regulations) for the process of obtaining a conditional use permit.  The following conditional uses may be approved, provided they meet the general standards found in Section 1134.03 (General Standards for Conditional Uses) and any listed specific conditions in Section 1134.08 (Supplemental Requirements for Specified Conditional Uses):
      (1)   Adult day care centers.
      (2)   Adult group homes.
      (3)   Bed and breakfast facilities.
      (4)   Cemetery or mausoleum.
      (5)   Child day care home, Type A.
      (6)   Place of religious worship.
      (7)   Dwelling:  Zero lot line dwellings (one zero lot line when two units adjoin and share a common wall).
      (8)   Dwelling:  Two-Family
      (9)   Electric and telephone towers.
      (10)   Gas regulator and meter stations.
      (11)   Hospitals, clinics, convalescent homes, and similar institutions,
      (12)   Nursing homes.
      (13)   Parking areas:  Extension of parking into contiguous zoning district parking areas.
      (14)   Parking areas:  Joint use of an off-street parking area.
      (15)   Public utility control facilities or structures.   
      (16)   Public or private clubs, including golf courses and country clubs, swimming pools, racquet courts, yacht clubs and accessory uses, except driving ranges, miniature golf courses, pitch and putt courses operated for commercial purposes.  No on site storage or maintenance of boats will be permitted.
   (c)   Lot Size and Yard Area Requirements.  Minimum lot size and yard area requirements as set forth in Section 1125.14 shall apply to all structures hereafter erected, relocated, reconstructed or structurally altered within the R-2A Residential District.
   (d)   Minimum and Maximum Floor Area Requirements and Bulk Regulations.  Minimum floor area requirements and bulk regulations as set forth in Section 1125.14 shall apply to all structures hereafter erected, relocated, reconstructed or structurally altered within the R-2A Residential District.
   (e)   Off-Street Parking, Loading and Storage Regulations.  Off-street parking, loading and storage regulations as set forth in Chapter 1141 shall apply to all uses established within the R-2A Residential District.
   (f)   Signs Permitted.  Signs shall be permitted in the R-2A Residential District in accordance with Chapter 1143. (Ord. 088-2019.  Passed 5-6-19.)