General Provisions
   52.001   Discharge of sewage into public streets prohibited
   52.002   Sanitary sewer connections; authority of city to require
   52.003   Sanitary sewer connections to properties outside city limits; plans and specifications; notice to property owners; action by city when owner fails to comply
   52.004   Assessment of costs as tax when city required to make connection
   52.005   Connection fees from non-assessed properties
   52.006   Sewer deposit
   52.007   Fee for connection to municipal sanitary sewer utility
Water Pollution Control and Sanitary Sewer System
   52.020   Definitions
   52.021   Responsibility for operation of water pollution control plant
   52.022   Discharge of untreated wastes prohibited
   52.023   Private disposal systems allowed
   52.024   Private sewer connections to sanitary sewer system
   52.025   Discharges into sanitary sewers
   52.026   Power of city to control waste discharges to sanitary sewer system
   52.027   Installation of sampling and metering equipment
   52.028   Director’s right of entry
   52.029   User charge system
   52.030   Billing of charges, rates and rentals
   52.031   Lien for bills
Transported Wastes
   52.045   Definitions
   52.046   Waste hauler license
   52.047   Waste hauler license denial, suspension and revocation
   52.048   Standards for vehicle and equipment
   52.049   Disposal; standards
   52.050   Discharge prohibitions
   52.051   Disposal fee
Non-Residential Treatment Regulations
   52.065   Purpose and policy
   52.066   Definitions and abbreviations
   52.067   General discharge prohibitions
   52.068   Specific prohibitions
   52.069   Federal categorical pretreatment standards
   52.070   State requirements
   52.071   City’s rights of revision
   52.072   Excessive discharge
   52.073   Accidental discharges (slug loads); plans
   52.074   Fees
   52.075   Wastewater discharger permits
   52.076   Wastewater contribution permits
   52.077   Reporting requirements for permittee
   52.078   Analyses
   52.079   Monitoring facilities
   52.080   Inspection and sampling
   52.081   Pretreatment
   52.082   Recordkeeping
   52.083   Publication of industrial users in significant non-compliance
   52.084   Confidential information
   52.085   Enforcement
   52.999   Penalty