(A)   No more than one single permittee shall be authorized to install and maintain such benches in order that all responsibility and liability imposed under the law will be clearly fixed in such permittee for the benefit of the public and the city.
   (B)   The city shall select this company or individual in the following manner.
      (1)   At a date established by the Board of Works, bids will be taken for a three-year lease of the public benches. Such bidding will be conducted in accord with the standards set forth in I.C. 36-1-11-10.
      (2)   The Board of Works will accept the best bid and award to the company or individual making this bid a three-year lease for these benches. This lease will include the responsibility of maintaining the benches and the right to advertise on these benches as set forth above. The Board of Works retains the right to reject all bids if no suitable bid is offered.
      (3)   At the end of each three-year period, the Board of Works will conduct this bidding process for the next three-year lease.
(Ord. 48-1988, passed 10-19-1988)