All such benches installed pursuant to this chapter and all persons, firms or corporations applying for authority and permission to install the same under the provisions hereof shall conform rigidly to the following standards and specifications:
   (A)   Such benches shall be placed and located on public property along and/or adjacent to city streets or sidewalks in such a manner as to best promote the convenience and safety of the traveling public and to facilitate and allow free and customary use of any street, alley or sidewalk;
   (B)   No such benches shall be placed or maintained at any location which would tend to obstruct the use of any street, alley or sidewalk or to create a safety hazard or inconvenience to persons or vehicles traveling thereon;
   (C)   Such benches shall be periodically inspected and maintained in a safe, clean, sightly and uniform condition;
   (D)   Such benches shall be seven feet in length, 25 inches in depth, 42 inches in height and not more than six inches in thickness. The ends and legs of such benches shall be made of concrete and the seats and backs thereof shall be made of hardwood or weatherproof plywood. Such benches shall be of uniform type, construction and appearance so as to promote the aesthetic value and beautification of the city;
   (E)   Such benches shall be so constructed that the backs thereof are seven feet in length and two feet in height, and it shall be lawful for such person, firm or corporation qualifying and holding a permit issued pursuant to this chapter to display advertising matter and signs on each side of such backs; provided that no advertising matter or signs placed on the backs of such benches shall contain words or symbols which might tend to cause traffic confusion, such as “stop,” “danger,” “drive-in” or other such words.
(Ord. 48-1988, passed 10-19-1988)