(A)   A Petty Cash Fund is hereby established for any city office to use to pay small or emergency items of operating expense.
   (B)   A Cash Change Fund is hereby established for any city officer or employee having a duty to collect cash revenues.
   (C)   The departments listed herein are authorized to establish and maintain petty cash funds in the amounts set out herein.
   (D)   A Petty Cash Fund shall be used for expenditures not to exceed the amounts set out below and any employee making a purchase on behalf of the city from the petty cash fund shall immediately place a receipt for the purchase in the petty cash drawer verifying the amount of the purchase from the petty cash fund.
   (E)   At all times, the total cash in the petty cash fund, plus the amount of receipts, shall equal the petty cash authorization amount for the department as set out in division (F) below. No checks may be cashed from petty cash.
   (F)   The following departments are authorized to maintain petty cash accounts in the amount stated hereafter:
Fund amount
      (7)   The cash change account of each department shall be used only to make change and to receive cash payment on behalf of the city. No checks may be cashed from the cash change account.
      (8)   All employees receiving cash for the city shall provide a receipt to the person making payments and retain a duplicate of that receipt in the cash change drawer.
      (9)   At all times the amount in the cash drawer of any department shall equal the amount authorized by this section plus the total of the duplicate receipts contained in the cash change drawer.
      (10)   The following departments are authorized to maintain a cash change account:
Fund amount
Park - Walkway of Lights
Park - Splash House
      (11)   All departments shall return their cash change account to the authorized balance daily and shall provide the controller duplicate receipts evidencing the receipt of funds in that account.
      (12)   The city controller, the State Board of Accounts representatives, or their designees, may at any time, audit the petty cash fund and cash change fund accounts of any city department.
(Ord. 10-2016, passed 7-5-2016)