(a)   The City is hereby subdivided into six wards which are equal in number to the members of Council who are elected by wards and the boundaries of such wards, which are determined to be as nearly equal in population and of as adjacent and compact territory as is practicable, are defined and shown by the six circumscribed areas of the City shown on the map marked Exhibit A which is incorporated herein by reference and the original master copy of which is on file in the office of the Clerk of Council. Promptly after passage of this section, the detailed engineering metes and bounds for each ward in conformity with Exhibit A shall be attached as an appendix to such map and inserted in Chapter 105.
(Ord. 92-313. Passed 12-28-92.)
   (b)   This section is amended by modifying the map incorporated herein to include the newly annexed land into the wards of the City. This annexed land situated on the north side of Marion Avenue is placed in the Third Ward and that situated on the south side of Marion Avenue is placed in the Second Ward, all as indicated on the modified City Ward Map which is attached to original Ordinance 97-242 as Exhibit A, is incorporated herein by reference, and a copy of which is inserted in Chapter 105.
(Ord. 97-242. Passed 9-16-97.)
   (c)   Section 105.01 of Chapter 105 (Wards and Boundaries) of the Mansfield Codified Ordinances of 1997, as amended, be, and the same is hereby, reaffirmed by adopting and incorporating by reference, Exhibit “A” attached to original Ordinance 21-216, and so thereby maintaining the configuration of the City’s six wards.
(Ord. 21-216. Passed 10-19-21.)