937.15 SEWER FUND.
   The funds received from the collection of the user charges or rates authorized by this chapter shall be deposited monthly with the City Treasury and shall be accounted for and be known as the Sewer Fund. Appropriate accounting procedures shall be established for separating the revenues received from each component part of both the user charges and debt service charges pursuant to Section 937.01 , and when appropriated by Council, moneys from such Fund shall be available for the payment of the following expenses:
   (a)    Operation, maintenance and replacement costs for the sewage treatment plant and collection system which shall include the following applicable general government fund expenses pertaining to the management of the sewage works as allowed by the Ohio Revised Code:
      (1)    Engineering;
      (2)    General administration of public service and safety;
      (3)    Bureau of Buildings, Inspections, Licenses and Permits;
      (4)    Operation and Maintenance of the City Building and Public lands;
      (5)    Vehicle insurance.
   (b)    Administrative costs for billing, collection and data processing.
   (c)    Industrial monitoring costs.
   (d)    Cost for treating extra strength sewage.
   (e)    Debt service costs for payment of the principal and/or interest on any debt incurred for the construction of such treatment works or for the creation of a sinking fund for the payment of such debt.
   Any surplus in the Sewer Fund shall not be used for the extension to local collection systems to serve unsewered areas or for any other purpose whatsoever.
(Ord. 15-271. Passed 1-5-16.)