General Provisions
   36.01   Payment
   36.02   Date payable; notice; collection
   36.03   Set-offs by city
   36.04   Interest when not paid; collection and accounting
   36.05   Real estate tax lien procedure
Board of Assessors
   36.10   Board of Assessors established
   36.11   [Reserved]
   36.12   [Reserved]
   36.13   [Reserved]
   36.14   [Reserved]
   36.15   Issuance of warrant for collection; notice to Independent City Auditor and Finance Officer
   36.16   Records and reports of abatements
   36.17   Abatement before payment
   36.18   Abatement after payment
Tax Collector
   36.30   Office of the Tax Collector established
   36.31   Performance bond required
   36.32   Notice to persons taxed
   36.33   Warrant required for collection
   36.34   Surrender of property to successor
   36.35   Special account for taxes and assessments
   36.36   Board to appropriate money for office
Community Revitalization Tax Relief Incentive
   36.40   R.S.A. Chapter 79-E Community Revitalization Tax Relief Incentive
Custodian of Tax-Deeded Properties
   36.50   Appointment; term
   36.51   Oath of office
   36.52   Term of office
   36.53   Authority and duties