94.01   Definitions
   94.02   Littering prohibited
   94.03   Prevention of scattering
   94.04   Upsetting or tampering with receptacles
   94.05   Sidewalks and alleys to be kept free from litter
   94.06   Owner to maintain private premises
   94.07   Littering from vehicles
   94.08   Littering from aircraft
   94.09   Litter in parks
   94.10   Distribution of handbills
   94.11   Posting notices prohibited
   94.12   Duty of contractor to keep construction sites free from litter
   94.13   Loading and unloading docks to be kept free from litter
   94.14   Litter receptacles required
   94.15   Mayor authorized to prepare guidelines
   94.16   Removal of litter from private property by city; lien
   94.99   Penalty