(A)   Litter receptacles required. Any public place or private premises containing any provision for parking vehicles shall be equipped with litter receptacles in compliance with this section. Such premises shall include but not be limited to such places as shopping centers, outdoor theaters, drive-in restaurants, gasoline service stations, apartment developments, parking lots, and any other place where provision is made for vehicles to stop or park in a designated area for any purpose.
   (B)   Number of receptacles. All premises having parking lots shall provide in an easily accessible location, a minimum of one refuse container for every 50 parking spaces.
   (C)   Specifications. Litter receptacles shall have tight fitting lids or tops and shall be weighted or attached to the ground or other fixed structures as necessary to prevent spillage. A minimum container size of 20 gallons or 75.7 liters shall be used.
   (D)   Cleanliness. Premises used for the purpose designated herein shall be kept in a litter-free condition and all litter shall be removed periodically from the receptacles.
   (E)   Obligation to use receptacles. It shall be the duty and obligation of all persons using parking areas to use such litter receptacles as herein above provided for the purposes intended and it shall be unlawful for any person or persons to deposit upon any such parking lot any litter.
(`91 Code, § 94.14) (Ord. 1000.1-1985, passed 11-11-85) Penalty, see § 94.99