92.001   Definitions
   92.002   Prohibition
   92.003   Sale of fireworks
   92.004   Permanent retail fireworks permit
   92.005   Signs required
   92.006   Ancillary retail fireworks permit
   92.007   Revocation of permit
Fire Prevention Code
   92.020   Fire Prevention Code adopted
   92.021   Designated enforcement officer
   92.022   Permits; fees
   92.023   Appeal process
Blasting; Flammable Containers
   92.035   Blasting permit
   92.036   Storage of flammables and other matter
Fireproofing Commercial Garages
   92.050   Definitions
   92.051   Fireproof construction required
   92.052   Volatile inflammable liquids to be kept in safety cans; portable filling tanks
   92.053   Electrical charging apparatus
   92.054   Smoking prohibited
   92.055   Sand to be used to absorb waste oils on floor for fire extinguishing purposes
   92.056   Chemical fire extinguishers
   92.057   Inflammable waste materials to be deposited in self-closing metal cans
   92.058   Calcium carbide to be maintained in airtight containers of noncombusitble material
   92.059   Regulations to be posted
Hauling Dangerous Substances
   92.070   Definitions
   92.071   Operators to notify Fire Department of transporting within city
Open Burning
   92.085   Permit required for open fire
   92.086   Permit required for burning on construction or demolition sites
   92.087   Location and containment of open fires
   92.088   Constant attention to open fires required
   92.089   Garden hose or fire extinguishment devices required
   92.090   Authority to prohibit open fires
Smoke Detectors
   92.100   Definitions
   92.101   Smoke detection required
   92.102   Type and placement of smoke detectors
   92.103   Providing, installing and maintaining smoke detectors
   92.104   Supplemental standards
   92.105   Enforcement
   92.999   Penalty
   Fire Department, see Ch. 38