General Provisions
   53.001   Operation and funding
   53.002   Definition of terms
   53.003   User charge system
   53.004   Operation, Maintenance, and Replacement Fund
   53.005   Operation, Maintenance, and Replacement Fund; transfer of funds
   53.006   User charge system; precedence
   53.007   Application for permit
   53.008   Sewer contract
   53.009   Service contracts
   53.010   Sanitary supply system; destruction of property
Public Sewers Required
   53.020   Unlawful deposit of wastes
   53.021   Unlawful discharge of untreated sewage
   53.022   Cesspools, privies, and septic tanks prohibited
   53.023   Mandatory hookup
Private Sewage Disposal System
   53.035   When applicable
   53.036   Permit required
   53.037   Permit, when effective; inspections
   53.038   Specifications
   53.039   Public sewer available
   53.040   Mandatory abandonment
   53.041   Maintenance
   53.042   Additional requirements
Building Sewer Installation
   53.055   Municipal sewer system; repairs and replacement
   53.056   Permit required
   53.057   Classification; permit application
   53.058   Responsibility for expense
   53.059   Single premises
   53.060   Use of existing sewers
   53.061   Construction; conformance to construction codes
   53.062   Elevation
   53.063   Unlawful connection
   53.064   Connection; compliance with codes
   53.065   Connection; inspection
   53.066   Excavations; barricades; restoration
   53.067   Excavations; inspections
Hazardous and Prohibited Discharges
   53.080   Stormwater, surface water, groundwater, cooling water and process water
   53.081   Flammable, toxic, corrosive and obstructive substances; preliminary treatment
   53.082   Specific prohibitions as determined by Sewer Commissioner
   53.083   Rejection, pretreatment, control or discharge rate or use fee surcharge
   53.084   Grease, oil and sand interceptors; when required
   53.085   Preliminary treatment or flow equalizing facilities; maintenance by owner
   53.086   Control manholes/sampling stations; when required; installation and maintenance
   53.087   Control manholes/sampling stations; method
   53.088   Special exceptions permitted with surcharge
Compliance; Enforcement
   53.100   Inspections generally
   53.101   Inspections; injury liability
   53.102   Inspections; easements
   53.103   Violation; notice
   53.104   Violation; liability
   53.105   Municipal Sewer Department; municipal powers
Fees and Charges
   53.115   Application and tap fees; installation expense for licensed plumber
   53.116   Sewer use fees
   53.117   User charges
   53.118   Minimum rates
   53.119   Wastewater surcharge
   53.120   Toxic pollutant surcharges
   53.121   Rates
   53.122   Bills
   53.123   Collection of sewer use fees
   53.124   User charge review
   53.125   Annual rate notification
   53.126   Surcharges
   53.999   Penalty