General Provisions
   91.001   Definitions
   91.002   Restraint required
   91.003   Confinement of animal in heat
   91.004   Owner to control animals; nuisances prohibited
   91.005   Exhibition of wild or vicious animals
   91.006   Non-applicability
   91.007   Interference with enforcement prohibited
   91.008   Prohibition of ownership of wild animals
   91.009   Fee schedule
   91.010   Sanitary disposal of animal feces required
Licenses and Vaccinations
   91.020   Dog, cat, and ferret licenses
   91.021   Reserved
   91.022   Reserved
   91.023   Other required licenses and permits
   91.024   License renewal; revocation; appeals
   91.025   Vaccinations; fixation of tags
   91.026   Sale of rabies vaccine
   91.027   Certain sales of animals prohibited
   91.028   Liability for personal injury or damages
Community Cat Population
   91.030   Management of community cat population
Limitation on Dogs in Residential Areas
   91.040   Number of dogs on residentially used property
   91.050   Director may declare amnesty
Education, Training, and Socialization Programs
   91.060   Public funds authorized for education, training, and socialization programs
   91.070   Impoundment authorized; euthanasia of unclaimed animals
   91.071   Reclaiming impounded animal
   91.072   Quarantine of animals
   91.073   Issuance of citations; violation notices
   91.074   Civil penalties for violations authorized
   91.075   Reporting of animal bites and attacks required
   91.076   Reporting sales and gifts of ferrets, dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens
Humane Treatment of Animals
   91.090   Provision of necessities
   91.091   Restraint by leash, chain, or collar; specifications
   91.092   Abandonment
   91.093   Cropping of ears or tail
   91.094   Cruelty; exhibition fighting prohibited
   91.095   Poisons
   91.096   Offering animals as prize or award
   91.097   Killing dogs, cats for food or fur prohibited
   91.098   Mutilation of animals
   91.099   Sexual acts with animals
   91.100   Removal of animal in immediate danger
   91.101   Confiscation of victimized animal
   91.102   Confinement in a motor vehicle
   91.120   Boarding kennels and catteries
   91.121   Class C kennels
   91.122   Class B kennels or catteries
   91.123   Class A kennels or catteries
   91.124   Pet shops
   91.125   Riding schools or stables
   91.126   Animal welfare groups
   91.127   Animal-drawn vehicles
   91.128   Sale of animals from animal shelter
   91.129   Theatrical exhibitions
   91.130   Elephant rides
Sale of Animals
   91.140   Exotic species; keeping of records
   91.141   Puppies, dogs, kittens, cats, and ferrets; certification as unfit for purchase or adoption
   91.142   Waiver
Dangerous Dogs and Potentially Dangerous Dogs
   91.150   Dangerous dogs and potentially dangerous dogs
   91.151   Alternative procedures for controlling dangerous dogs and potentially dangerous dogs
   91.152   Requirements for ownership of a dangerous dog or a potentially dangerous dog
Release of Balloons
   91.160   Release of balloons
Animal Abuse Offender Registry
   91.170   Animal Abuse Offender Registry
   91.171   Animal Abuse Offender Registry Program
Animal Abuse and Family Violence
   91.180   Purpose
   91.181   Definitions
   91.182   Training Requirements
   91.183   Reporting Requirements
   91.184   Shelter for Pets in Instances of Domestic Violence or Child Abuse
   91.185   Animal Abuse in the Immediate Presence of a Minor
   91.186   Reporting to Metro Council
   91.997   References to statutes and other ordinances
   91.998   Severability
   91.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Metro Animal Service Fee Schedule