General Provisions
   92.01   Declaration of policy
   92.02   Definitions
   92.03   Unlawful practices in connection with housing
   92.04   Housing exceptions
   92.05   Unlawful practices in connection with public accommodations
   92.06   Unlawful practices in connection with employment
   92.07   Employment exceptions
   92.08   Human Relations Commission - Enforcement
   92.09   Complaint procedure
   92.10   Conduct of Human Relations Commission - Enforcement hearing
   92.11   Consequence of default
   92.12   Finding of fact; conclusions of law
   92.13   Appeal of Hearing Officer decision
   92.14   Appeals
   92.15   Penalty
   92.16   Obstruction and retaliation
   92.17   Computation of time
   92.18   Filing and serving papers
   92.19   Affirmative marketing plan required for county funds
   92.20   Analysis of population by race; goals and timetables for appropriate representation
   92.21   Programs and activities required to submit plan; exceptions
   92.22   Submission of monthly reports by housing developments required
   92.23   Administration by Affirmative Action Officer
   92.24   Severability
   92.25   Conflict
Bias-Related Crimes
   92.40   Policy
   92.41   Prohibition of discriminatory interference with another person or property of another person
   92.42   Complaints to Human Relations Commission; procedure; conciliation agreements; enforcement
   92.43   Notice and hearing; procedure
   92.44   Findings of Commission; order; nature of affirmative action
   92.45   Judicial review: scope; procedure; order for enforcement
   92.46   Investigations; powers; confidential nature of
   92.47   Subpoenas; issue; enforcement
   92.48   Commission or court not to take jurisdiction over claim for unlawful act while same claim pending before other body; final determination exclusive
   92.98   Severability
   92.99   Penalty