Community Antenna Television Systems
   EDITOR'S NOTE: A franchise was granted to Warner Cable TV, Inc. to install and operate a CATV system in the City by Ordinance 1714, passed June 7, 1965. Ordinance 1714 has been amended by the following: 
         Ordinance             Passage Date
         1747                12-20-65
         74-116             11-18-74
         77-56                7-18-77
   Copies of these ordinances are on file in the office of the City Clerk.
705.01   Definition.
705.02   Public utility declared.
705.03   Permit required.
705.04   Placing of wires; permission required.
705.99   Penalty.
      Council power to establish rates for public utilities - see CHTR. Art. II, §5(14)
      Council power to grant franchises - see CHTR. Art. II, §15
      Table of franchises - see PRELIM. UNIT, Table 9
      Permit for street opening - see S. U. & P. S. 901.02