TABLE 9 - Franchises
Ord. No.    Date    Description
430    7-17-44    To Ohio Bell Telephone Co. right to construct a telephone and telegraph system under streets.
1191    3-16-59    To Ohio Power, ten year franchise for street lighting.
1199    4-6-59    To East Ohio Gas Co. for period from June 1959 to June 1963.
1714    7-7-65    To Imperial Broadcasting Co. for the transmission and distribution of television signals.
1747    12-20-65    Amending Ordinance 1714 providing for term, rates and refund to City.
83-49    8-15-83    To Ohio Power Co. for street lighting system for 10 years.
85-36    5-20-85    To Warner Amex Cable Communications Inc., 15- year nonexclusive franchise for telecommunications network, including cable TV.