Property Offenses
541.01   Determining property value in arson.
541.02   Arson.
541.03   Criminal damaging or endangering.
541.04   Criminal mischief.
541.05   Criminal trespass.
541.051   Aggravated trespass.
541.06   Destruction of shrubs, trees or crops.
541.07   Desecration.
541.08   Billposting; defacing signs.
541.09   Signs obstructing traffic view.
541.10   Destruction of survey or boundary markers and monuments.
541.11   Destruction and misuse of electric or telephone lines.
541.12   Ethnic intimidation.
541.13   Vehicular vandalism.
541.14   Trespass on a place of public amusement.
541.99   Penalty.
         See sectional histories for similar State law
         Parents' liability for destructive acts of their children - see Ohio R.C. 3109.09
         Physical harm to property defined - see GEN. OFF. 501.01(d), (f)
         Reimbursement for investigation or prosecution costs - see GEN. OFF. 501.99(a)
         Damage to sidewalks - see GEN. OFF. 521.04
         Vehicle trespass - see GEN. OFF. 545.06