Cigarette Tax
884.01   Definitions.
884.02   Levy and rate of tax.
884.03   Methods of collection.
884.04   Registered agents.
884.05   Requirements for retail dealers.
884.06   Requirements of illegality; seizure of contraband goods, sealing/seizing of machines.
884.07   Illegal acts.
884.08   Powers of the Northern Virginia Cigarette Tax Board.
884.09   Jeopardy assessment.
884.10   Erroneous assessment; notices and hearings in event of sealing of vending machines or seizure of contraband property.
884.11   Disposal of seized property.
884.12   Extensions.
884.13   Penalty for violation of chapter.
884.14   Each violation a separate offense.
884.15   Severability.
884.16   Effective date.