(a)   No landowner or lessee of land shall ignore or refuse to comply with the affirmative duties regarding Johnsongrass control imposed by Sections 690.01 to 690.06.
   (b)   The Johnsongrass Control Committee or its designee shall notify in writing, by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, any person in violation of Section 690.03 or 690.04 or of ally compliance agreement promulgated hereunder. Such notice shall state each violation complained of and shall further state that unless such violator initiates compliance with the requirements of Sections 690.01 to 690.06 within ten days of receipt of such notice, the matter shall be referred to the Commonwealth's Attorney for prosecution of such violation.  After such ten-day period has elapsed, any violator who has not initiated compliance as requested may be prosecuted for a violation of Section 690.03 or 690.04.
   (c)   The Johnsongrass Control Committee shall advise the County Commissioner of Revenue of the names of all persons violating any provision of Sections 690.01 to 690.06 and the location of all property connected with such violation.  Pursuant to the standards promulgated by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce for the Commonwealth requiring the control of noxious weeds as a prerequisite for qualification of land as agricultural land under the Special Land Use Assessment Act, the Commissioner of Revenue shall consider such reported violation of Sections 690.01 to 690.06 as a factor in determining whether certain land qualified for special agricultural or horticultural assessment under Section 58.1-3229 et seq. of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended.
   (d)   The refusal of any landowner or lessee of land to permit the Committee, or any member, agent or employee thereof, to enter onto the land of such landowner or lessee, for the purpose of inspection, control or spraying of Johnsongrass, or for any other purpose in carrying out the provisions of Sections 690.01 to 690.06, shall constitute a violation of Sections 690.01 to 690.06 for purposes of reporting any violation to the Commissioner of Revenue as set forth in subsection (c) hereof.
   (e)   If the Committee, through information known to its members, agents or employees, has reasonable grounds to believe that Johnsongrass exists on any property within the County, and the owner or lessee of that land refuses to permit the Committee or its agents, employees or members to enter on such property to inspect, spray or otherwise control or eradicate the Johnsongrass, the Committee or any member thereof, after requesting permission to enter such property and after such request has been refused, may request the Commonwealth's Attorney or any law enforcement officer of the County to procure a search warrant enabling the Committee to enter onto the property and to inspect, observe and search for Johnsongrass on such property.
(Ord. Unno. Passed 2-20-79.)