(a)   Each landowner and lessee of land within the County shall mow, fallow, treat with herbicides or use such other practices as may be approved by the Johnsongrass Control Committee for the purpose of controlling Johnsongrass and administering Sections 690.01 to 690.06.  Any landowner or lessee of private or public land may enter into a written compliance agreement with the Committee, which agreement shall specify the terms and conditions of the Johnsongrass control program which must be followed.  So long as all such agreed terms and conditions are being complied with, the landowner or lessee of land shall not be in violation of Sections 690.01 to 690.06.
   (b)   The Board of Supervisors may enter into an agreement with the State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for the purpose of controlling Johnsongrass within the County, and may accept funds from such Department as agreed upon.
   (c)   The Board of Supervisors may hire a Johnsongrass Program Supervisor on a part-time basis to direct and coordinate the County Johnsongrass program, whose duties may include the following:
      (1)   Determination of the degree of Johnsongrass infestation;
      (2)   The application of appropriate chemical treatment for control of Johnsongrass when needed;
      (3)   Mowing Johnsongrass where and when necessary to prevent seed set;
      (4)   The purchase or rental of necessary chemical spray and equipment, and the hiring of temporary personnel to operate such equipment, with all costs of such spray, equipment and personnel to be paid for by the landowner on whose property the Johnsongrass is to be eliminated; and
      (5)   Training temporary personnel, inspecting equipment and supervising its use.
   In the event that no Johnsongrass Program Supervisor is retained, administration of Sections 690.01 to 690.06 shall be under the control and supervision of the Committee.  In any event, the Johnsongrass Program Supervisor shall be subject to the control, direction and supervision of the Committee.
   (d)   The Board of Supervisors shall approve the expenditures of all funds expended pursuant to Sections 690.01 to 690.06.
   (e)   The Board of Supervisors may accept, use or expend such aid, gift, grant or loan as may from time to time be made available from any source, public or private, for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of Sections 690.01 to 690.06.
   (f)   Application of sprays and other control and eradication measures shall be the landowner's responsibility and shall be at the landowner's expense. In the event that the Committee finds it necessary or desirable to effectuate control or eradication measures on any land, the County shall pay for fifty percent of the costs of labor, sprays and other chemicals and for equipment purchase or rental for such eradication or control, and the remaining fifty percent of such costs shall be billed to the landowner or lessee of land on whose land the costs were incurred and the service rendered. All such landowners or lessees of land shall reimburse the County for fifty percent of the full amount of such cost incurred. All such reimbursements shall be promptly deposited in a Johnsongrass control account in the General Revenue Fund, and shall revert to the County Fund at the end of each fiscal year, regardless of the date accrued or collected, but an unencumbered and unobligated balance on that date shall be available for reappropriation in the following fiscal years, for any purpose deemed appropriate by the Board of Supervisors.
(Ord. Unno. Passed 2-20-79.)