482.99   PENALTY.
   (EDITOR'S NOTE: See Section 428.99 for general Traffic Code penalty if no specific penalty is provided.)
   (a)   Each personnel charged with the duty of enforcing violations of this Chapter shall attach to each vehicle whose operator is in violation of the provisions outlined in this chapter, a notice to the operator thereof that such vehicle has been parked in violation of one or more of these sections.
   (b)   Any person who shall violate or fail to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to civil penalties. The fines to be paid prior to issuance of a warrant for violation of Loudoun County parking ordinances shall be the following:
      (1)   Fifty dollars ($50.00) for parking in a restricted zone (other than handicap restricted zones), destruction of meter equipment, failure to pay fee, occupying more than one parking space, overnight parking or abandoned vehicle.
      (2)   One hundred dollars ($100.00) for violations of handicap parking restrictions.
      (3)   Forty dollars ($40.00) for all other violations of this chapter.
      (4)   Ten dollar ($10.00) late charge commencing 31 days after the issuance of the civil fine and thereafter at each 30 day interval that the civil fine remains unpaid, not to exceed an accumulated charge of seventy five dollars ($75.00) per each civil fine.
   (c)   The civil penalties assessed in accordance with this section shall be paid by the violator within 30 days of issuance of the citation. Nothing in this section shall affect any fines, forfeitures, or penalties set for violation of Loudoun County ordinances after issuance of a parking summons or warrant.
(Ord. 96-06. Passed 9-4-96; Ord. 19-19. Passed 12-11-19.)