General District Court
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Violations of County ordinances are prosecuted in the General District Court. The jurisdiction of this Court extends to misdemeanors and to delinquent taxes and other moneys owed to the County under ten thousand dollars ($10,000).
290.01   Collection of court costs.
290.02   Collection of fee for courthouse security.
290.03   Collection of Sheriff's processing fee.
290.04   Collection of fee for electronic summons system.
   District Courts - see Code of Va. §§ 16.1-69.1 to 16.1-69.58
   Classification of misdemeanors - see ADM. 202.08 
   General Code penalty - see ADM. 202.99 
   Direction of juror compensation to the County's Court Service Unit - see ADM. 294.02 
   Legal Resources Center Fund - see ADM. Ch. 296 
   General Traffic Code penalty - see TRAF. 428.99 
   Penalty and equitable remedies for violations of Subdivision Regulations - see P. & Z. 1242.11