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   (Added by Ord. No. 170,978, Eff. 5/13/96, Oper. 7/13/96.)
   A.   Purpose. To contribute to conservation of the City’s imported water resources mandated by state law by setting minimum standards for water delivery systems to landscapes.
   B.   Requirements and Prohibitions.
   1.   No building permit, use of land permit, or grading permit for which landscape is required or for which landscape is provided shall be issued, except when the purpose is to construct a one-family dwelling, unless the Department of City Planning first determines that the required Water Management features and techniques, established by the City Planning Commission will be installed on the subject lot. No water management approval shall be required or issued for these permits unless a landscape approval required for the permits has first been issued by the Department of City Planning.
   2.   All permanent irrigation systems required under the provisions of this Code that use potable water shall meet the minimum specifications for features and techniques established by the City Planning Commission.
   3.   No irrigation system shall be required for undisturbed native or undisturbed natural vegetation, provided that the overall hydrologic regime that supported the vegetation remains unaltered. At the discretion of the Department of City Planning, an irrigation system may be required when the applicant proposes to establish native plantings, designed to take advantage of natural rainfall.
   4.   No portion of this section shall be construed to mandate any specific type of irrigation equipment, either existing or to be developed, except backflow preventers, nor any specific method of application of water, either existing or to be developed, provided it meets the criteria set forth in this section, unless specifically required by other sections of this Code. The provision of hose bibs or quick coupler valves shall be considered the provision of an irrigation system, provided all points of the irrigated area are less than 50 feet from a hose bib or quick coupler valve; no portion of the irrigated area slopes at more than a 5:1 grade; and the total area to be irrigated does not exceed 500 square feet.
   5.   Irrigation Maintenance. All portions of every irrigation system shall be continuously maintained in a condition such that the intent of the irrigation design is fulfilled. Uncontrolled emission of water from any pipe, valve head, emitter, or other irrigation device shall be considered evidence of non-maintenance.
   6.   For the purposes of this section only, a Landscape practitioner is as defined in Section 12.40D and also includes any person certified by a professional organization in the field of water management, or any person with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a California college or university, in the field of water management, when not in conflict with applicable State licensing laws and guidelines adopted by the Director of Planning. The Director is hereby authorized to adopt guidelines and procedures necessary to implement the provisions of this section.
   7.   Mulch. Owners of landscaping shall be encouraged to provide for plant mulching with planted areas provided with a layer of mulch a minimum of three inches deep, to aid the growth of the plants.