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   (Amended by Ord. No. 185,587, Eff. 7/16/18.)
   Section 909 of the CBC is adopted by reference, except Section 909.3 of the CBC is not adopted and, in lieu, LAMC Subsection 91.909.3 is added.
91.909.3.  Special Inspection and Test Requirements.  In addition to the ordinary inspection and test requirements, which buildings, structures and parts of buildings and structures are required to undergo, smoke control systems subject to the provisions of LAMC Section 91.909 shall undergo special inspections and tests sufficient to verify the proper commissioning of the smoke control design in its final installed condition.  The design submission accompanying the construction documents shall clearly detail procedures and methods to be used and the items subject to the inspections and tests.  The commissioning shall be in accordance with generally accepted practice and, where possible, based on published standards for the particular testing involved.  The special inspections and tests required by this section shall be in compliance with LAMC Section 91.1704.
   A copy of the final report of the results of the special inspections and tests shall be filed with the Superintendent of Building and the Fire Department and an identical copy shall be maintained in an approved location at the building.
91.909.3.1. System Testing.  Prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy, all of the smoke-control systems shall be tested as required by the Department of Building and Safety and the Fire Department and shall show compliance with the minimum standards of both Departments.  The tests shall be conducted in the presence of an authorized representative from both Departments.  A report of the results shall be submitted to both Departments.
91.909.3.2. Periodic Retesting.  After occupancy of the building, all operating parts of the smoke-control systems shall be retested every six months in accordance with the retest requirements established by the Department of Building and Safety and the Fire Department.  The retest shall be conducted by an approved inspection agency or by the owner or the owner’s representative when so approved by both Departments.  Also, a report of the test results shall be submitted to both Departments.