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   No property upon which there has been an unauthorized disposal or release of a hazardous substance shall be sold, transferred or otherwise conveyed without the proper approval by the County Health Department and recordation with the County Recorder of a hazardous substance clearance report. Said report shall consist of:
   A.   A site characterization study which details the nature and extent of the contamination.
   B.   A site mitigation plan if required by any governmental authority with appropriate jurisdiction.
   C.   A site clearance certificate signed by the property owner under penalty of perjury to the Director of the County Health Department that:
   1.   The owner has prepared all elements of any required mitigation plan.
   2.   The owner applied for and obtained to the extent available, certification or verification from competent state and federal authorities that mitigation measures have been completed in compliance with any and all approved site mitigation plans and, where required, has conducted follow up soil sampling and analysis. Copies of the state or federal verification shall be submitted.
   3.   Includes the following declaration: “The owner recognizes that ownership entails a nondelegable duty to perform the work called for in the site mitigation plan; that the owner and not the City, is responsible for compliance with any and all site mitigation plans; that the owner, not the City, attests to and is responsible for the accuracy of the representations made in any certification and that the owner will continue to remain liable and responsible, to the extent such liability or responsibility is imposed by state and federal law, for the owners failure to comply with any site mitigation plan.”