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Sec. 1310.  Disability Pension – Service Connected.
   (a)   Service Connected Disability Pension.  Whenever any member of the Fire or Police Department shall become so physically or mentally disabled by reason of bodily injuries received in, or by reason of sickness caused by the discharge of his duties in such department as to necessitate his retirement from active service, the  Board shall order and direct that the member be retired from further service in such department; and thereafter the member so retired shall, during his lifetime, be paid a pension in an amount to be determined by the Board.  The pension shall be equal to not less than 50%, nor more than 90%, of the salary attached to the rank or position held by him in such department at the date of the retirement order.  The pension shall be paid in equal monthly installments.
   (b)   Termination of Disability Pension.  Any pension granted to any member of the Fire or Police Department for disability or sickness, as provided for in this section, shall cease when the disability or sickness ceases and such member shall, subject to civil service and other provisions of the Charter governing the appointment of City employees, have been restored to active duty in such department of which such person was a member at the time of disability retirement to the same rank or position he previously held.
   (c)   Board Investigation and Findings.  The Board of Pension Commissioners shall have the power to hear and determine all matters pertaining to the granting and termination of any pension award as provided for in this section.  The Board shall make its findings in writing, based upon the report of at least three regularly licensed, practicing physicians, and such other evidence concerning the disability as it may have before it.  The Board shall determine the degree of disability and the determination shall govern the amount of pension to be awarded to the disabled member.
   (d)   Petition for Reconsideration.  Upon the written request of any such retired member, or upon its own motion, the Board shall have the power, at any time prior to the restoration of the retired member to active service, to consider new evidence pertaining to the case of the retired member and to increase or decrease the amount of pension award to be thereafter paid.