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Sec. 1404.  Request By a Reactivated Member Under Tier 1 to Become a Tier 2 Member.
   A reactivated member under Tier 1 of this Article who, after the effective date of his return to active duty shall have had five years of service as defined in Section 1306(a)(4)(C), shall have the right, pursuant to Section 1402, to become a System Member under this Tier 2.  He may exercise such right only within the one year from and after the date upon which he shall have completed such five years of service.  Any reactivated member who shall become a Tier 2 System Member also shall become a reactivated member under this Tier 2.  Section 1402 hereafter shall be construed and applied, as to a reactivated member under Tier 1, in accordance with this section.