517.01   Definitions.
517.02   Gambling.
517.03   Operating a gambling house.
517.04   Public gaming.
517.05   Cheating.
517.06   Methods of conducting a bingo game; prohibitions.
517.07   Instant bingo conduct.
517.08   Raffles.
517.09   Charitable instant bingo organizations.
517.10   Location of instant bingo.
517.11   Bingo or game of chance records.
517.12   Bingo operator prohibitions.
517.13   Bingo exceptions.
517.14   Instant bingo conduct by a veteran’s or fraternal  organization.
517.15   Permit required.
517.16   Application for permit.
517.17   Approval by Chief of Police.
517.18   Revocation of permit.
517.19   Report required.
517.20   Temporary denial of permit issuance.
517.21   Use of volunteer labor in  games of chance prohibited under certain conditions.
517.22   Skill-based amusement  machines.
517.99   Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Lotteries prohibited; exception - see Ohio Const., Art. XV, Sec. 6
Contributing to delinquency of minors - see Ohio R.C. 2151.41
Search warrants - see Ohio R.C. 2933.21(E)
Licensing charitable bingo games - see Ohio R.C. 2915.08