Drug Abuse Control
513.01   Definitions.
513.02   Gift of marihuana.
513.03   Drug abuse; controlled substance possession or use.
513.04   Possessing drug abuse  instruments.
513.05   Permitting drug abuse.
513.06   Illegal cultivation of marihuana.
513.07   Possessing or using harmful intoxicants.
513.08   Illegally dispensing drug samples.
513.09   Controlled substance or prescription labels.
513.10   Hypodermic possession, display and dispensing.
513.11   Trafficking in harmful intoxicants.
513.12   Drug paraphernalia.
513.121   Marihuana drug paraphernalia.
513.13   Counterfeit controlled substances.
513.14   Sale, use and possession of nonbarbiturate sedative hypnotic drugs or substances.
513.15   Sale, transfer of possession or use of toxic glue.
513.16   Offender may be required to pay for controlled substance tests.
513.99   Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Federal prosecution bar to local prosecution - see Ohio R.C. 2925.50, 3719.19
Analysis report and notarized statement as evidence - see Ohio R.C 2925.51
Criteria for granting probation - see Ohio R.C 3719.70(B)
Adulterating food with drug of abuse - see GEN. OFF. 537.13
Using weapons while under the influence - see GEN. OFF. 549.03.