Street Obstructions and Special Uses
311.01   Placing injurious material  or obstruction in street.
311.02   Parades and special events; definitions.
311.021   Parades and special events; permit required.
311.022   Parades and special events; driving through parades.
311.023   Parades and special events; permit and application.
311.024   Parades and special events;  fees.
311.025   Parades and special events; penalty.
311.03   Zones of quiet.
311.04   Play streets.
311.05   Toy vehicles upon roadway.
311.06   Obstructions in City right-of-way.
311.07   Regulations in City parks.
311.08   Tree, shrubs and vegetation nuisances prohibited.
See sectional history for similar State law
Power to regulate processions or assemblages - see Ohio R.C. 4511.07(C)
Dropping, sifting and leaking loads - see TRAF. 339.08