(a)   “Lorain Community Group” means a group organized for a purpose other than to generate income for profit and that maintains a business address within the City of Lorain.
   (b)   “Parade” means a group of ten or more persons on foot, or three or more vehicles or equestrians standing or moving upon any public highway, under common control or direction including but not limited to foot and bicycling races.  This definition shall not include any governmental officers or employees acting in their capacity as such or persons under their direction, any military organization, any funeral procession, or any person while engaging in his lawful employment in business or trade.
   (c)   “Special Event” means an activity sponsored by one or more Lorain Community Groups within the public right-of-way, subject to the approval by the Director of Public Safety/Service.  (Ord. 116-16.  Passed 11-7-16.)
   (d)   “City Sponsored Events” means events organized, maintained and operated by the City of Lorain.  The following events are the only events considered “City Sponsored Events”:
      (1)   Lorain Memorial Day Parade.
      (2)   Lorain International Parade.
      (3)   Cinco de Mayo Parade.
      (4)   Water Front Winter Fest Parade.
      (5)   Juneteenth Parade.
         (Ord.  114-17.  Passed 10-16-17.)