International Property Maintenance Code
   EDITOR'S NOTE:  This chapter, previously entitled "BOCA National Property Maintenance Code," was re-titled "International Property Maintenance Code" upon the adoption of the 1998 edition of such Code as part of the 1999 updating and revision of these Codified Ordinances.
1496.01   1998 edition adopted; future editions.
1496.02   Purpose.
1496.03   File and distribution copies.
1496.04   Conflicts of laws.
1496.05   Amendments.
1496.99   Penalty; equitable remedies.
   Removal of unsafe structures - see Ohio R.C. 715.26(B), 715.261
   Power to regulate building sanitation - see Ohio R.C. 715.29
   Dead bolt locks in apartment buildings - see Ohio R.C. 3781.103
   Smoke detection system for apartments and condominiums - see Ohio R.C. 3781.104
   Dangerous, unsafe and substandard buildings - see B. & H. Ch. 1460
   Responsibilities of owners and occupants of dwellings - see B. & H. Ch. 1486
   Condemnation of unfit dwellings - see B. & H. Ch. 1490
   Ohio Fire Code - see F.P. Ch. 1610