Parking Regulations
   71.01   Parking within parking space
   71.02   Standing or parking close to curb
   71.03   Angle parking
   71.04   Lights on parked vehicles
   71.05   Stopping in street
   71.06   Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited
   71.07   Parking parallel to curb
   71.08   Parking in alleys
   71.09   Displaying, washing, repairing, or storing vehicles
   71.10   Standing or parking on one-way roadways
   71.11   Hazardous or congested places
   71.12   Moving vehicle of another to prohibited place
   71.13   Prohibited parking at all times on certain streets
   71.14   Prohibited parking at certain times on certain streets
   71.15   Limited parking on certain streets
   71.16   Parking by handicapped persons
Loading and Unloading
   71.30   Permits for loading or unloading at angle to curb
   71.31   Loading and unloading zones
   71.32   School loading zones
   71.33   Commercial loading zones
Administration and Enforcement
   71.45   Parking signs required
   71.46   Notice of illegal parking; duty of police
   71.47   Operator to comply with chapter; effect of proof of ownership
   71.48   Impoundment
   71.99   Penalty