(A)   Police officers are hereby authorized to remove a vehicle from a street or highway to the nearest garage or other place of safety, or to a garage designated or maintained by the Police Department or otherwise maintained by the city, under the circumstances enumerated below:
      (1)   When any vehicle is left unattended on any bridge, viaduct, or causeway, or in any other place where the vehicle constitutes an obstruction to traffic;
      (2)   When a vehicle on a highway is so disabled as to constitute an obstruction to traffic and the person or persons in charge of the vehicle are by reason of physical injury incapacitated to such an extent as to be unable to provide for its custody or removal; and
      (3)   When any parked vehicle is left unattended on a street and is parked illegally so as to constitute a definite hazard or obstruction to the normal movement of traffic.
   (B)   Whenever an officer removes a vehicle from a street as authorized in division (A) of this section, and the officer knows or is able to ascertain from the registration records in the vehicle the name and address of the owner thereof, the officer shall immediately give or cause to be given notice to the owner of the fact of the removal and the reasons therefore and of the place to which the vehicle has been removed.
(Ord. 41, passed 5-7-1992)