Adoption of Codes
   151.001   International Building Code adopted
   151.002   Existing Building Code adopted
   151.003   National Electrical Code adopted
   151.004   State Plumbing Code compliance; certification required
   151.005   International Residential Building Code adopted
   151.006   International Mechanical Code adopted
   151.007   International Fire Code adopted
   151.008   Life Safety 101 Code adopted
   151.009   International Illinois Energy Conservation Code for Commercial and Residential Buildings adopted
Building Permits
   151.020   Remodeling and construction; permits, plans, fees, and inspections
   151.021   Footing size may be required
   151.022   Subdivision improvements; completion
   151.023   Street completion required prior to permit; exception
   151.024   Permit fees nonrefundable
Construction Regulations
   151.035   Building Inspector
   151.036   Survey stakes required for construction
   151.037   Site clean-up prior to final inspection
   151.038   Commercial and multiple-family buildings; landscaping plans
   151.039   Construction or excavation near high-pressure petroleum pipeline restricted
Construction of Post-Frame Buildings
   151.055   Definitions
   151.056   Minimum specifications
Housing and Building Code Hearing Department
   151.070   Establishment
   151.071   Organization
   151.072   Procedures and remedies not exclusive
   151.073   Definitions
   151.074   Hearing officers; training and qualifications
   151.075   Hearing officers; duties and powers
   151.076   Department duties
   151.077   Hearing room security personnel
   151.078   Ordinance enforcement administrator; appointment
   151.079   Violation notice and report; hearing; defense
   151.080   Findings, decision, and order
   151.081   Judicial review
   151.082   Collection of fines; judgment for recovery
   151.083   Orders transfer with property
   151.999   Penalty
   Property Maintenance, see Ch. 156