(A)   Remodeling and new construction fees.
      (1)   The current fee schedule is available from the office of the City Clerk.
      (2)   The building code shall require fees, inspection, and permits as follows.
         (a)   Remodel (outside), with no structural changes. Examples: Painting, siding, windows, doors, and the like.
            1.   No permit required.
            2.   No fees charged.
            3.   No inspections.
         (b)   Remodel (inside), with no structural changes. Examples: Painting, replacing cabinets, doors, and plumbing fixtures.
            1.   No permit required.
            2.   No fees charged.
            3.   No inspections.
         (c)   Remodel (inside), with structural, mechanical, plumbing, or electrical changes.
            1.   Permit required.
            2.   Fee: $15. Includes initial on-site inspection and $15 per inspection as determined by the amount and type of remodeling being done. The number of inspections is determined when the permit is issued. Examples of the type of inspections:
               a.   Initial on-site inspection;
               b.   Foundation (if one is needed);
               c.   After framing is complete and all plumbing, wiring, and heating is completed; and
               d.   Final inspection.
         (d)   Permits required for outside remodeling include roof replacement, but exclude roof repair on residential structures over 120 square feet, and also changing of plot plan, such as adding sheds, above-ground swimming pools, decks, fences, ramps, and the like. No roofing permits shall be required for work to be performed by the home owner(s) themselves and shall apply only to work being done by third parties.
            1.   Permit required.
            2.   Fee: $30. Includes plot plan zoning check and initial on-site inspection.
            3.   Final inspection.
         (e)   Remodel; additions, increasing square footage of building.
            1.   Permit required.
            2.   Plot plan required.
            3.   Addition floor plan required showing foundation, wiring, heating, air conditioning, ventilating, and the like, as needed.
            4.   Fee: $50 minimum (no plumbing); or $80 minimum (plumbing). City square- footage multiplier will be used (0.003 X building cost) if square footage exceeds minimum listed above. See division (A)(3) below regarding building cost.
         (f)   New construction; garages, carports, in-ground swimming pools, and the like.
            1.   Permit required.
            2.   Plot plans required.
            3.   Floor plan showing foundation, wiring, plumbing, and the like.
            4.   Fee: $50 minimum or city square-footage multiplier (0.003 X construction cost). See division (A)(3) below regarding building cost.
            5.   Inspections:
               a.   Initial on-site inspection;
               b.   After rough-framing or concrete work; and
               c.   Final inspection upon completion or as required.
         (g)   New construction; single- or 2-family residential, commercial, and industrial.
            1.   Permit required.
            2.   Plot plan required.
            3.   Construction plans showing foundation plan, floor plan, mechanical, plumbing specifications, others as needed.
            4.   Fee: City square-footage multiplier (0.003 X building cost). See division (A)(3) below regarding building cost.
            5.   Inspections: Yes; number determined by type of construction and Building Inspector.
         (h)   Demolition.
            1.   Requirements for a demolition permit. Notwithstanding any other provisions of local, state or federal law, any building to be demolished or otherwise removed in whole or in part, whenever the area of demolition exceeds 280 square feet shall require a demolition permit.
            2.   General procedure. An appropriate permit shall be obtained from the Building and Zoning Department prior to beginning demolition. The contractor, individual, or other business seeking a permit shall complete the required application for the permit, in the form and manner as prescribed by the Building Inspection Office. A demolition plan sin all be submitted with the application. A demolition plan shall provide the following information.
               a.   Demolition plan shall show the manner in which the structure would be dismantled. EXP: heavy machinery or manual labor. If manual labor is the preferred method the plan shall identify and illustrate all load bearing walls.
               b.   Plan shall explain means of disposal of construction debris.
               c.   Plan shall reveal any possible collateral damage to neighboring properties and the precautions that will be taken.
               d.   Plan shall reveal how the contractor will barricade and secure the site when unattended.
               e.   Plan shall provide a reasonable time frame for the duration of the project.
               f.   Plan shall provide request for the temporary closing of any public sidewalk or streets.
               g.   Plan shall have attached document stating that all pertinent utilities have been located and retired.
               h.   On commercial projects plan shall have attached document of asbestos report.
            3.   Bond and insurance requirements.
               a.   Prior to the issuance of a demolition permit, any contractor, individual or business seeking a demolition permit, except for a private residence seeking a permit to demolish his or her own residence or accessory structure, shall post and file with the City Clerk a security bond of $500 for residential and $1,000 for non-residential projects whenever the area to be demolished exceeds one thousand square feet.
               b.   In addition to the above requirements, prior to the issuance of a demolition permit, any contractor, individual, or business seeking a demolition permit shall maintain comprehensive general liability insurance and shall present and file proof of the same with the City Clerk by way of certificate of insurance. Owners of private residence seeking a permit to demolish his or her own residence or accessory structure shall be exempt from this requirements.
            5.   Fee schedule.
From 280 sq ft -1,000 sq ft
               a.   If the area of demolition exceeds 1,000 square feet then a square foot multiplier of $0.05 per square foot for residential and $0.10 for commercial shall be factored in addition to the base fee stated above.
               b.   On demolition projects that exceed 20,000 square feet, a $2,000 cap shall be placed on the demolition permit fees.
            6.   Definitions. Unless otherwise expressly stated, the following words and terms shall be limited to this section.
               a.   Private residence. Residential owner occupied.
               b.   Recovery of cost. The city instituting appropriate civil action in an effort to recover any and all expenses or cost, including attorney's fees incurred by the city in responding to or correcting hazardous conditions (including but not limited to fire, building collapse, medical calls, law enforcement and public work issues such as barriers, streets and sidewalk repairs).
               c.   Non residential structures. Private, corporate, or government owned commercial and industrial structures.
      (3)   Building cost figures are determined by International Building Valuation Data Report. The report reflects the cost of the items as overhead, profit, normal site preparation, including excavation and backfill, structural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work.
(1983 Code, § 6-26.2) (Ord. 2589, passed 2-7-1991; Am. Ord. 3214, passed 4-1-2008)
   (B)   Fees. The fees for services in connection with the building code adopted by § 151.001 shall be as established by the City Council.
(1983 Code, § 6-28) (Ord. 2561, passed 5-10-1990; Am. Ord. 3285, passed 6-1-2010; Am. Ord. 3297, passed 11-2-2010) Penalty, see § 151.999