(A)   Permitted uses.  The following uses shall be permitted by right.
      (1)   All uses permitted in § 153.113(A) of this chapter provided that the uses:
         (a)   Are limited to a maximum of 5,000 square feet of gross floor area;
         (b)   Contain only one principal building on the lot; and
         (c)   Contain no more than one principal use per principal building.
         (d)   The limitations in § 153.116(A)(1)(a) through (c) above shall not apply to development sites located 200 feet or more from residential land uses located in residential zoning districts.
      (2)   The prohibition of fuel sales for convenience stores as listed in § 153.113(A) of this chapter shall not apply to the PB District;
      (3)   Signs in accordance with §§ 153.160 through 153.172 of this chapter;
      (4)   Off-street parking and loading in accordance with §§ 153.185 through 153.188 of this chapter; and
      (5)   Publicly operated alcohol beverage control (ABC) store.
   (B)   Conditional uses.  The following uses may be allowed only after a conditional use permit has been issued by the City Council in accordance with §§ 153.235 through 153.244 of this chapter.
      (1)   All uses listed in § 153.113(A) of this chapter which do not meet all of the criteria found in division (A)(1) and (2) above of this chapter and all uses listed in § 153.113(B) of this chapter except jails; and provided however, arcade or amusement center or game rooms shall be only in shopping centers Class C;
      (2)   Planned unit developments (mixed use) in accordance with § 153.216 of this chapter and provided the uses within the development are otherwise listed as permitted or conditional uses allowed in the P-B District or any Residential (R) District;
      (3)   Assembly halls, coliseums, ballrooms and similar structures;
      (4)   Bowling alleys and skating rinks;
      (5)   Motel and motor lodge;
      (6)   Garden centers, commercial greenhouses and horticultural nurseries;
      (7)   Automobile, truck, and motorcycle sales and adjoined service/repair;
      (8)   Family theme parks;
      (9)   Express fuel/mini-mart;
      (10)   Automobile wash establishments (self-service, full-service or automatic);
      (11)   Shopping center, Class C;
      (12)   Indoor shooting range/sales of fire arms and ammunition;
      (13)   Accessory apartments in commercial structures provided all building and fire codes are met; and
      (14)   Tattoo studio.
   (C)   Yard requirements.
      (1)   Minimum lot size:  none.
      (2)   Minimum front setback:  40 feet (as measured from the edge of the street right-of-way).
      (3)   Minimum lot width:  70 feet (as measured at the required front setback).
      (4)   Minimum side setback: ten feet, except 20 feet shall be required on all corner lots and 30 shall be required on all lots whose side yard abuts any Residential (R) District.
      (5)   Minimum rear setback:  20 feet, except 30 feet shall be required on all lots whose rear yard abuts any Residential (R) District.
      (6)   Maximum structure height:  50 feet except as permitted in § 153.054 of this chapter.
   (D)   Screening and landscaping.
      (1)   Screening when required by § 153.046(A) of this chapter shall be provided in accordance with § 153.046 of this chapter.
      (2)   Where applicable, landscaping shall be provided in accordance with § 153.047 of this chapter.
(Prior UDO, § 7.11) (Ord. ZTA-2-2011, passed 7-11-2011; Am. Ord. O-03-2017, passed 6-1-2017; Am. Ord. O-1-18, passed 3-1-2018; Am. Ord. ZTA-4-2020, passed - -)
Editor’s note:
   Any retail use in excess of 85,000 square feet shall be required to follow the supplemental regulations contained in § 153.075.