General Provisions
   51.01   Water connection required
   51.02   Separate connections and meters required
   51.03   Applications for connections
   51.04   City to tap main and make connections
   51.05   All service pipes to connect with main
   51.06   Sprinkler connections
   51.07   Taking water from public hydrant
   51.08   Shutting water off for repair and the like
   51.09   No damages in case of accident or failure of water supply
   51.10   Turning water on after turn-off for nonpayment
   51.11   Tampering with or obstructing waterlines
Water Conservation
   51.25   Definition; curtailment of use required
   51.26   Declaration of water shortage condition
   51.27   Guidelines during Stage I water shortage condition
   51.28   Illegal acts during Stage II water shortage condition
   51.29   Illegal acts and restrictions during Stage III water shortage condition
   51.30   Lifting restrictions imposed during a water shortage
   51.31   Discontinuance of service
   51.32   Schedule
Backflow and Cross-Connections
   51.45   Purpose
   51.46   Responsibility
   51.47   Notice of Appointment of Water Supervisor (form)
   51.99   Penalty
   Publicly Owned Treatment Works, see Chapter 54
Statutory reference:
   Meter tampering, see G.S. § 14-151