Illicit Discharges and Connections
1065.01   Purpose and Intent.
1065.02   Definitions.
1065.03   Applicability.
1065.04   Responsibility of Administration.
1065.05   Severability.
1065.06   Ultimate Responsibility of Discharger.
1065.07   Prohibition of illegal Discharges.
1065.08   Prohibition of Illicit Connections.
1065.09   Waste Disposal Prohibitions.
1065.10   Discharges in Violation of Industrial or Construction Activity NPDES Storm Water Discharge Permit.
1065.11   Requirement to Prevent, Control, and Reduce Storm Water Pollutants.
1065.12   Requirement to Eliminate Illegal Discharges.
1065.13   Requirement to Eliminate or Secure Approval for Illicit Connections.
1065.14   Watercourse Protection.
1065.15   Requirement to Remediate.
1065.16   Requirement to Monitor and Analyze.
1065.17   Notification of Spills.
1065.18   Authority to Inspect.
1065.19   Authority to Sample, Establish Sampling Devices, and Test.
1065.20   Notice of Violation.
1065.21   Appeal.
1065.22   Abatement by City.
1065.23   Charging Cost of Abatement/Liens.
1065.24   Emergency Abatement.
1065.25   Violations.
1065.26   Compensatory Action.
1065.27   Violations Deemed a Public Nuisance.
1065.28   Acts Potentially Resulting in a Violation of the Federal Clean Water Act.
1065.29   Discharges in Violation of City of Lima NPDESPermit No. OH2PE0000*KD.