In addition to types of stopping, standing or parking declared illegal in other sections of this code, it shall be illegal to park a motor vehicle under the following circumstances:
   A.   More Than Forty Eight Hours: No person shall park a vehicle on any street for more than a consecutive forty eight (48) hour period.
   B.   Repairing Vehicle: No person shall park a vehicle on any street for the principal purpose of greasing or repairing such vehicle, except immediate repairs necessitated by an emergency.
   C.   Upon A Sidewalk: No person shall leave or park a vehicle upon a sidewalk or upon any portion of a street between the curb lines and the sidewalk.
   D.   Displaying For Sale: No person shall park a vehicle on any street or roadway for the principal purpose of displaying such vehicle for sale or displaying advertising.
   E.   Snow Removal:
      1.   No person shall park a vehicle, car, truck, trailer, RV, ATV trailer, box trailer or such like items on any street from November 1 to March 30 between the hours of ten o'clock (10:00) P.M. and seven o'clock (7:00) A.M. Overnight parking on any street, during the period herein specified, is hereby prohibited.
      2.   No person shall park or leave a vehicle on any street during any snowstorm, nor shall a vehicle be parked on the street within twenty four (24) hours after the end of such storm.
      3.   Whenever any police officer finds a vehicle upon a street in violation of the provisions of this section, the officer is authorized to have the vehicle removed at the expense of the registered owner of the vehicle.
      4.   Whenever a motor vehicle has been parked in violation of this section, the person in whose name such vehicle is registered shall be prima facie responsible for such violation and liable for payment of the applicable fee.
      5.   The fee for violating any provision of this section shall be as adopted annually by the city council in the city civil fines schedule and shall be in addition to any charge for towing and storage of the vehicle, if necessary. A separate infraction shall be deemed committed on each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues. (Ord. 8-10-10.6, 8-10-2010; amd. 2015 Code)